Our Aims

We believe there is no need for an Oxford-Cambridge Expressway, nor the over-inflated housing targets associated with it, and we will actively campaign against it and support other organisations with the same objectives.

Our environment is a national asset which should be protected for all us, our health and well-being. This is a national and not just a local issue.

We will also fight to protect the Otmoor and Bernwood Forest ecosystems (“Greater Otmoor”), now and for future generations, and strive to educate people about the threats to our countryside posed by the planned Expressway and its associated housing and development.

We support new housing of the right kind and in the right location, but not growth in Oxon of >100% and Bucks of 87% by 2050.

We will fight to protect our countryside and its wildlife for the health and enjoyment of all future generations.

Stronger Together!

We think we are stronger when we share information and work with other groups.

Our group started as a result of information in the local parish newsletter from one of our local Councillors and a presentation at a village meeting from the Expressway Action Group (EAG).

Two members our group are on the Steering Group of the No Expressway Alliance (NEA), the group set up by Oxford Friends of the Earth to be the umbrella group across the whole “Oxford to Cambridge Arc”.

We also share information and work with CPRE, BBOWT, RSPB, Save Otmoor, North Otmoor No Expressway (NONE) group and Buckinghamshire Expressway Action Group (BEAG) as well as others!

You can find out more about the different campaign groups here.

Our Beginnings…


The No Expressway Group is a non-political community group which was started in Horton-cum-Studley in March, 2018. The group was formed to fight the proposed Oxford to Cambridge Expressway that threatened to cross the unique wetlands of Otmoor and the ancient forest of Bernwood, destroying the environment and its inhabitants. Initially we focused on awareness raising and supporting the Save Otmoor campaign.

Since the preferred corridor was announced in September 2018 we have broadened our campaign. We now have group members from 6 local villages and strong links with groups and Parish Councils across Oxon and Bucks. We have therefore changed our name from the Horton-cum-Studley Expressway Group, to the No Expressway Group, to more accurately reflect our purpose and group members. We are now supporting local groups set up in Brill, Marsh Gibbon, Oakley, Worminghall and Long Crendon. We believe local groups are most effective at mobilising their local communities, but by working together we can run a stronger campaign.


The History of Otmoor

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