UPDATE: 15th November, 2018

What’s new?

  • Now that the Horton-cum-Studley Expressway Group has outlined its aims, scope and activities for phase 2 of its campaign (i.e. post corridor announcement) the group will be meeting fortnightly rather than weekly, and these Updates will also move to fortnightly.

What’s next?

  • Our District and Country Councillors will be able to attend a meeting with Highways England to discuss the proposed Expressway on 16th November.

  • Sarah Foxcroft will attend a Highways England meeting regarding the Ox-Cam Expressway, as Chair of the HcS Parish Council on 29th November.

  • No Expressway Alliance Steering Committee meeting in late November and a general meeting open to all in the alliance in December.

  • New group meeting in Weston-on-the-Green 20th November

  • Film and discussion event on 26th November – Tales of Resistance – The battle for Newbury Bypass.

CONTACT: Olivia Field on olivia_field@hotmail.com

Cat Woodupdate, november 18