UPDATE: May 19th, 2019

What’s New?

  • Our noexpressway.org website is currently being revamped! We’ve added News and Events sections to the main menu and we’ll be introducing further changes over the coming weeks to make it easier to find out how the campaign is progressing.

  • A further 22 “Under Threat” No Expressway signs have now been put up around Chilton parish.

  • Another 4 villages have been in touch wanting additional information and of which one wants signs.

  • Presented at Wendlebury Annual Parish Meeting and presented a stand at Wheatley village and Annual Parish Meeting.

  • Held a stand at Islip’s village market last Saturday

  • SAVE THE DATES! Meeting in Beckley village hall on 10th June with guest speakers. This year’s “Walk the Moor” event will take place on Sunday 7th July. A picnic is being organised by NEA on Brill Hill on 27th July.

What’s Next?

  • Continue to put up new signs and raise awareness locally and with other groups

  • Organise taking the No Expressway travelling Pagoda to various village fetes over summer 2019.

  • Look at potential fundraising activities.

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