NEWS: BBC South Today July 1st, 2019

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Download to watch BBC South Today report on Oxford County Council signing a Non Disclosure Agreement about the expressway project with Highways England.

Which other County, District and City Councils have signed NDAs?

We have submitted a Freedom of Information request to Highways England to find out!

This follows up from news from 25th June when Cllr Martin Tett, Leader of Bucks County Council, revealed that the he and Aylesbury Vale had been asked by Highways England to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements, but had refused in this instance! Cllr Martin Tett said that he felt that meant he was missing out on information from Highways England.

What we don’t know is whether Cllr Martin Tett is able to glean additional information from Highways England in his other role as Chairman of England’s Economic Heartland. EEH describes itself as “Stretching from Swindon to Cambridgeshire and from Northamptonshire to Hertfordshire, England’s Economic Heartland brings political and business leaders together in a strategic collaborative partnership with a shared commitment to realise the economic potential of the Oxford-Cambridge Arc and surrounding areas.”

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We need your help

No Expressway Group believes there is no need for an Oxford-Cambridge Expressway, nor the over-inflated housing targets associated with it, and we will actively campaign against it and support other organisations with the same objectives. 

Our environment is a national asset which is critical for everyone’s health and well-being. We must not let it be destroyed.

Your donations help us to spread information about the Expressway, run and build support for the campaign:

  • £10 could pay for one roadside Correx poster

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Please note:

The No Expressway Group has a group bank account to which the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer are signatories. The group will publish accounts on each year which will be audited by an accountant from outside the NEG group.

If any funds are left at the end of the campaign, these will be donated equally between RSPB and BBOWT.